How to Use Theme and Template for Google Form

Step 1 - First you can open any web browser Like Google chrome, Mozilla, Internet explorer etc. then open type in Address bar.

Step 2 - Click Sign Button in gmail account.

Step 3 - Open Sign in dialog box then enter gmail account .

Step 4 - then click next button.

Step 5 - then enter password .

Step 6 - then click next button.

Open Gmail Account .

Step 7 - Click Google App .

Step 8 - Click Google Drive.

Open Googel Drive Window.

Step 9 - Click My Drive from Google Drive Window then open popup window.

Step 10 - Then Click more option then .

Step 11 - Then Click Google Form option.

Open Google Form window.

Step 13 - Enter Goolge Form name in place of untitled form.

Step 14 - Then form design guide from PDF file show in right Side..

Step 15 - I form design using three filed Name, Address, Mobile and field type set.

Step 16 - Then Click "Customized theme" then show theme Dialog box open in right side then
1. First option is Header Section under the image choose many images open for image set head section of form.

2. Second option is Theme Color for color set in head section of form.

3. Third option is background color of form.

4. Fourth option is font style of Google form of Foreground means text color of google form.

Step 17 - Then Click Top of back arrow then many Google Theme show for theme design.