How to create Google Form & Show Google Form

Step 1 - First you can open any web browser Like Google chrome, Mozilla, Internet explorer etc. then open type in Address bar.

Step 2 - Click Sign Button in gmail account.

Step 3 - Open Sign in dialog box then enter gmail account .

Step 4 - then click next button.

Step 5 - then enter password .

Step 6 - then click next button.

Open Gmail Account .

Step 7 - Click Google App .

Step 8 - Click Google Drive.

Open Googel Drive Window.

Step 9 - Click My Drive from Google Drive Window then open popup window.

Step 10 - Then Click more option then .

Step 11 - Then Click Google Form option.

Open Google Form window.

Step 13 - Enter Goolge Form name in place of untitled form.

Step 14 - Then form design guide from PDF file show in right Side..

Step 15 - I form design using three filed Name, Address, Mobile and field type set.

Step 16 - Then Click preview option like eye symbol for Google Form show then enter data in field then submit button click for save your record.